Most of these images I found by accident, wandering the streets, going to and from assignments, or searching for stories. Through a coach window, a street corner, a Delhi slum. All peripheral to the main event, but these images stay with me, intrigue me and make me wonder.

After taking the picture of Mohammeds’ wife embracing her sister, I walked back to the slum. Sweating and thirsty I noticed Mohammed nod across to a boy. A few minutes later the boy wandered over, offering up an ice cold Coke in a glass bottle. With the cap on but ajar, a gesture of its freshness, I looked back and saw Mohammed gently nodding and smiling. I'll always remember how it challenged my perception of the poor, and how humbling it was to receive a drink from a man who had almost nothing.

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Wandering the streets of Shanghai in the early morning I saw huge bellow of white steam come from a large vent in the street. I just waited. You can barely make out what appears to be a mother holding her daughters hand.
On the road from Ho Chi Ming to Hanoi.
A bus full of schoolgirls watch the Angolan football team celebrate their first ever qualification in a World Cup.
The blind wife of Mohammed Habib embraces her sister in law. Mohammed Habib voluntarily collected the unclaimed dead of Delhi for overt 50 years and met his wife after she was involved in a fatal train crash.
School for the Deaf, Vietnam.
A girl boxing training, ulaanbaatar Mongolia